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A visual approach is an obvious choice for communicating messages on your website. Just think about how often we say that a picture is more than 1000 words – and the Web is a visual medium as well as a way of disseminating information. It is by using a visual language that the visual identity is created.

First and foremost, there is the logo, but the identity is also largely expressed through “the whole picture” which is characteristic of just you or your business. It is through this identity that the visitor’s attention must be caught, and it is also through this that you will be recognized.

It is absolutely essential that the visual identity reflects the content of the site in order to give a clear picture of your product and your vision.

“Content is King” is a current meme when organizing and building websites. Today we might feel tempted of just indulging in the endless opportunities we have for creating impressive websites with lots of effects, and we might forget that the content first of all must be interesting, relevant and regularly renewed.


If you want to keep your group of users and make them return to your website again and again the visual expression must be ‘right’ and the content must ‘speak’ to your target audience.

To me this means that when I do a website for a client, it is essential to cooperate closely with him, as he is the one knowing not only his product best, but also the whole concept and vision behind. It is through this close cooperation the best results are created, in order for the website to reflect the client/product and to be unique.

All the “big” products in the world that have managed to succeed internationally and to survive for a long time have one thing in common: A good story.

The “good story” creates an identity for your product and can be retold in many ways. For example, through an advertisement or a video, which can be disseminated through various social media, used by so many today.

If my approach appeals to you, and you think it can be used for your product, please feel free to contact me so we can come up with ideas and ways to promote your product on the Danish as well as the international market.

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